MEIL City Gas Distribution (Natural Gas)

MEIL City Gas Distribution Office is located in Vakkodi Village in Tumkur Taluk & District Tap-off is taken from SV-19 of Dhabol-Bangalore pipeline of GAIl (India) Ltd. to distribute Natural gas to Domestic, industrial, automobile and commercial sectors in entire Tumkur district.

We will be supplying natural gas through pipeline from SV-19 of GAIL located at Gollahalli Village to Dibbur, MaralurDinne, Kyathsandra, Hirehalli Industrial area, Antrasanahalli Industrial area, Vasanthanarasapura Industrial area, Lingapura, Kunigal to supply to complete Tumkur.

In first phase we have laid the pipeline from SV-19 to Dibbur, Maralurdinne, Kyathsandra, Hirehalli and Kuppur with a total stretch of 24 Kms with steel line and 8 kms of MDPE line and the line will be commissioned by the end of Jan’18.

In second phase we have planned to lay in complete Tumkur city and to Kunigal town for supplying of Natural Gas to all the four segments as stated above.